Available as Sod and Plug Trays




• Will grow in Sun or up to 80% Shade

• Reduced mowing

• Deep roots reduce watering

• Disease resistant

• Dark Green

• Will grow farther south than other bluegrass

•Very long growing season (will stay green year round in the South)



Bella Bluegrass, the only dwarf, vegetative bluegrass in the turf industry, is sure to revolutionize the bluegrass market. Originally developed by the University of Nebraska over a decade ago, Bella does not produce significant viable seeds, but because of its ability to re-grow from rhizomes and its rapid horizontal growth, it was a perfect candidate for vegetative propagation.


The preliminary research data has been very consistent for Bella. Compared to other bluegrass standards, Bella has a very good rhizome system and better tolerates heat and drought. Ongoing comparative research is taking place in many different states including: Minnesota, Michigan, Colorado, Utah and California. Bella is also undergoing production-oriented testing in locations south of the transition zone to establish how far south Bella can be propagated.


The University of Nebraska is the developer of Bella, Todd Valley Farms is the licensed owner and Sod Solutions is the licensing and marketing agent.





Wayne Thorson | Todd Valley Farms
"Bella has a very dark green, dense turf canopy that helps prevent weed growth, and since it only grows 3-4 inches tall, the end user can reduce mowing by 50 to 80%"









Dr. Robert Shearman | University of Nebraska
"For a Kentucky bluegrass, I am impressed with Bella. It is dark green, low-growing, and has excellent heat and drought resistance"


Bella Research 10091







Warren Bell | BioGrass Sod Farms
"The most striking feature of Bella are its dark blue green color, slow and low growth habit, and its ability to spread laterally. Bella provides a low input lawn without sacrificing any quality characteristics. it is truly a revolutionary grass."





      Bella Bluegrass on Left, Traditional Bluegrass on the Right                                  Home by KRT Construction, Inc.



Bella Residential 10041Bella Residential 10051

Bella Bluegrass Sod Installs


Bella Commercial 10011            Bella Commercial 10021

Rooftop Project


Bella Research 10081

Bella Bluegrass Grass Plug

Bella is a superior performer among cool season turfgrass. Bella thrives in cold climates, yet also is excellent in warm climates. Bella will grow in sand, sandy loam, clay or peat. You can expect Bella to retain fall color longer than many other turf selections and to green-up more quickly in the spring. Bella is a durable and versatile turf variety; but as with the selection of any turfgrass, you should understand your own unique local growing conditions prior to purchasing and installing Bella or any other variety.

Bella Bluegrass is vegetatively propagated, making it only available as sod or plugs.


The University of Nebraska is the developer and owner of Bella Bluegrass, Todd Valley Farms is the exclusive licensee and Sod Solutions is the authorized marketing agent.



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