‘Hachita’ is the most vigorous selection of this beautiful native grass from the western Great Plains. It is a native, warm season grass that is beloved for its “eyelash” seed heads. Quite xeric, ‘Hachita’ Blue Grama thrives in both sandy soils and clay.


We recommend using the Blue Grama plugs in ornamental plantings as either single or group plantings. You can also interplant plugs with wildflowers to grow a colorful, low care short grass prairie. Blue Grama can be planted between small tree plantings, but does not do well in shade; also good for recreation areas and highway medians.


For a turf type lawn in the arid and semiarid Southwest, plant plugs 4” apart. Blue Grama is sold in trays of 70 plugs per flat. Grows to 4” tall, 15” with seed heads. Zones 3-10.



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