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Erosion Control Blankets

We have two different sizes available:

8' x 112.5' Straw Blanket = $59.95   │   16' x 112.5' Straw Blanket = $114.95


Wooden Stakes= $.20 each    │    Metal Staples = $.20 each or $69.00 per box of 1000


First Step

Prepare your soil and sow your seed. (Grass seed is not included with roll, you must purchase it separately.)




Second Step


Lay the blanket over the seeded soil, anchor with staples as per staple pattern below. Staples must be purchased separately.

x                                                            x


x                                                            x


x                                                            x






Third Step

Simply keep the seed moist, the grass will grow through the blanket.  The blanket will degrade over time, mow the grass when it reaches 4".



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