Recommended Use with


Grass Plug Boost Root Dip

  • Highly recommended to use when planting plugs
  • Reduces water and time required to establish plugs
  • Protects grass plugs and root systems from drying out
  • Helps decrease plant stress for improved stand development
  • 1 oz packet will dip approximately 1000 plugs

18" Plug Planting Soil Auger

  • Recommended to use when planting plugs
  • Provides Easier and Faster Plug Planting
  • Attaches to a hand held drill
  • Drills holes 1 1/4" in diameter or larger

Organic Plant Magic Grass Plug Fertilizer

  • Recommended to use to fertilize newly planted grass plugs
  • All Purpose Fertilizer packed with every essential element plus over 70 necessary trace minerals required by plants to properly build and maintain themselves
  • Organic refill for Miracle-Gro┬« Garden Feeders
  • 1 package of Plant Magic will soak approximately 2500 plugs

Lawnifi Grow Fertilizer

  • Use when installing new sod, seed, or grass plugs.
  • Also great for late fall feeding and winterizing prior to dormancy or snow fall
  • Features Catalyst Absorption Technology for 100% plant availability
  • 32-ounce bottle covers 5,000 square feet.


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