About Us

About Todd Valley Farms, Inc.

Our farm headquarters are located 20 miles west of Omaha, at Mead Nebraska, on land purchased by the Thorson family in 1880.    For 90 years, grain and livestock were raised on this 180 acre farm.  Today, over 120 years later, the farm has grown to more than 500 acres of turfgrass and over 60,000 square feet of greenhouse production space. 

Through agreements with the University of Nebraska, the University of California, Barenbrug USA and the RTF® Turf Producers Association we own exclusive rights to several of our products. We have contracts with farms throughout the United States and Canada to grow our Legacy® turf-type buffalograss.  We also manage the RTF® Turf Producers Association from our office.  The association owns the exclusive rights to RTF® sod production and has over 30 growers located in the United States.  Todd Valley Farms has succeeded and grown by offering the newest and best in grass cultivars produced by the latest technology.  We have also been blessed with a "family” of knowledgeable, dedicated employees with years of experience to serve the needs of our customers. 

We have always been a leader.  During the 1970’s we were the first turf farm in the region to have 100% of their sod production irrigated.    We purchased truck mounted forklifts 25 years ago to aid our customers when delivering their sod.  Searching for a better grass in the 80’s, which would require less water and have better insect resistance, we were the first to grow turf-type fescue sod.

"Big Roll” sod and turf-type buffalograss was introduced during the early 90’s.  In 2000, we developed a new process for growing buffalograss plugs that allowed the plugs to be shipped via UPS and made an economical way to establish lawns anywhere in the world with this remarkable water-saving grass.  We didn’t stop there. In 2003 we introduced RTF® "Water Saver” sod and in 2004, wildflower plugs.  We are already looking to the future with new products on the horizon.  We have signed a research agreement that grants us rights to all future releases of new buffalograss varieties from the extensive University of Nebraska buffalograss breeding program.

Browse through this web-site and learn about our products.  If you still cannot decide on which is best for you, visit the Turf Garden located at our office where you can see all of your choices side by side.    And remember, if you want to save money, "buy the best”!  The best is all we offer.

Customers ask about our name: The name Todd Valley comes from a geographic name for a river valley, which in prehistoric times was a 5 mile wide river between Mead and Wahoo. This valley of fertile farm land, which runs from North Bend to Ashland, is still known as the Todd Valley and is considered to have some of the best soil in the country for producing agricultural crops.