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Legacy - Legacy Buffalograss Plug Trays

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  Legacy vs. UC Verde
Joe Vierra - Hayward California   (Wednesday, May 09, 2012)

I tried Legacy on a small area in my back yard and UC Verde in my front yard near the curb. The UC Verde is much taller and has a stiffer feel to it. The color is bright green. If you don't cut UC Verde it becomes very deep and shaggy so it's a little hard to walk on it. For me it's too shaggy without cutting. Legacy is shorter, softer and a darker color of green. If you don't cut it it gets long, but not so long you're worried about twisting your ankle - to my eye it still looks attractive when not cut. UC Verde does stay green a couple of weeks longer in November. UC Verde being stiffer will stand up to abuse better than Legacy, but Legacy looks better to my eye. With the drought in California and high cost of water I'm going to replace my entire back lawn with Legacy.

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