Zenith Zoysia Plug Trays (Zoysia)

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Zoysia Plug Trays

The benefits of zoysia grass are that it uses less water than bluegrass or fescue and in general requires less maintenance. Since turf-type buffalograss was developed, the use of zoysia in the north has declined but there is still a demand for it, mainly for repairing older zoysia lawns.
Although Zenith is seedable, its slow germination and short growing season makes it nearly impossible to establish a lawn in the cool season areas within a reasonable amount of time. Zenith is also an improved variety with excellent color and exhibits good cold tolerance. Our trays have 72 plugs and will cover 72 sq ft if placed on 12 inch centers or 18 sq ft if placed on 6 inch centers. Zoysia spreads very slow compared to our turf-type buffalograss so the closer the spacing the better. Our plugs are a healthy 1-1/2 inches square X 2-1/4 inches deep. They give you an excellent chance for success with less maintenance.

Planting Dates
Use the following chart to identify your estimated planting dates for your zone. If you don't know which zone you are in, you can go to the Hardiness Zone Map.


Estimated Planting Dates


February 15th - November 15th


February 15th - November 1st


March 10th - October 15th


March 15th - October 15th


April 1st - October 1st


April 20th - September 15th


May 1st - September 10th


May 1st - September 1st


May 10th - August 20th


May 20th - August 1st


How Many Plug Trays Should I Order?

GrassPlugs are sold by the tray. There are 70 plugs in each tray. Once you have figured your square footage and the desired spacing, multiply your square footage by the appropriate number from the table below to find the number of plugs needed. Then divide the number of plugs needed by 70 to figure the number of trays you will need to complete your project. Recommended spacing is 12 to 18 inches.


Desired Spacing

Multiply Square Footage by

18 inches

multiply by .44

15 inches

multiply by .64

12 inches

multiply by 1.00

9 inches

multiply by 1.78

6 inches

multiply by 4.00


Shipping & Handling Information

Shipping & Handling costs are 19% of the cost of the trays. Minimum charge of $14.00.


When typing in your shipping date, please fill in the date of the Monday you would like your product to be shipped. Shipping of live plants is done on Mondays to try to prevent plugs from sitting in a warehouse or on a truck over the weekend. Since we ship from the middle of the US, we are able to reach both coasts by Friday.


Boost Root Dip 1 Ounce Packet

We recommend purchasing a 1 Ounce packet of Boost Root Dip with your grass plug tray purchase. For $17.99, you can dip approximately 1000 plugs. Boost Root Dip will help ensure success for your grass plugs, especially in areas where water is not easily accessible. Not planting 1000 plugs? Only mix up enough solution for the amount you are planting and keep the rest to be used to dip the roots of other plantings as well.

Organic Plant Magic

We also recommend using the Organic alternative to Miracle-Gro®.  This all purpose organic plant food is alive with beneficial MicroOrganisms.  One 1/2 pound bag will fertilize approximately 2500 grass plugs.  

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Zenith Zoysia Plug Trays

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