Organic Plant Magic Fertilizer (PlantMagic)

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The Organic refill for Miracle-Gro® Garden Feeders.

Organic Plant Magic All Purpose Organic Fertilizer is packed with every essential element PLUS over 70 necessary trace minerals required by plants to properly build and maintain themselves. Beneficial MicroOrganisms are millions of helpful microbes scientifically proven to benefit all plants and soils. Plants and soil depend on important relationships with these Beneficial MicroOrganisms for their fertility, nutrition, growth and protection.

Mix With Water

Mix 1 tablespoon of Organic Plant Magic All Purpose Organic Fertilizer in your favorite watering can per gallon of water to use as a soil drench for the grass plugs. This immediately activates the ingredients, wakes up Beneficial MicroOrganisms and stimulates plants. One package of Plant Magic will soak approximately 2500 plugs.  

Organic Plant Magic All Purpose Organic Fertilizer may also be used to:

Root Dip: for transplanting; dunk and go, or let set up to 24 hours.

Foliar Spray: spray foliage until it drips; try to get good coverage top and bottom, then drench soil.

Seed Coat: add powder to seed in bag or in spreader

Seed Start:  for flowers, vegetables and even bulbs; soak seeds up to 24 hours.

One 1/2 pound bag will cover 2500 square feet of lawn or fertilize approximately 2500 grass plugs.

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Organic Plant Magic Fertilizer

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