Turfgrass Frequently Asked Questions

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How much sod can I fit in my vehicle?
How long does sod last?
What kind of sod does the best in a shady area?
What time of day should I water?
Should I place fertilizer on top of the new sod?
Does the sod have any kind of guarantee?
How much sod do I need?
Do I want my sod installed by professionals?
Do I want the sod delivered?
How big of an opening do I need in my gate for my sod to be delivered or installed?

How much sod can I fit in my vehicle?


Most full sized pick-up trucks will haul 450 square feet of sod.  Smaller pick-ups will usually haul up to 250 square feet of sod.  Most cars will hold about 100 square feet.  Keep in mind that these are just estimates and the weight your vehicle can haul really depends on the condition of the vehicle.  NEVER OVERLOAD YOUR VEHICLE!  This not only can cause extreme damage to your vehicle, but can also be very dangerous to you and other drivers on the road.  Most of the time it is wiser and cheaper to have your sod delivered, unloaded and spotted in your yard by our experienced truck drivers.

We will load the sod into your vehicle with a forklift. We will try our very hardest not to do any damage.

How long does sod last?

Sod is highly perishable.  It should be installed and watered within 24 hours of harvest.  This is why sod should be bought directly from a sod farm that harvests sod fresh for the customer.  Sod sitting on pallets in a parking lot of a retail store or at a nursery should be avoided.  Nurseries which unroll sod on fabric or in a greenhouse are acceptable places to purchase sod.

What kind of sod does the best in a shady area?

Turf-type Fescue will do much better in a shady area than other types of grass.  If the area where you have shade doesn't have any type of grasses or weeds growing there, then fescue probably won't grow well in that area either.  You may have to try a shade tolerant ground cover instead of grass.  For suggestions on which ground covers would tolerate your shady area, consult your local extension service.

What time of day should I water?

After installing your sod, it must be kept wet at all times for 2 weeks.  This may require watering several times a day, depending on the weather.  After establishment, it is better to water in the morning.  Infrequent deep watering is more beneficial than frequent light watering.  Water to keep grass blades from wilting.  Over watering can be just as stressful on grass as under watering.  It also wastes water and money.

Should I put fertilizer on top of my new sod or under it?

Fertilize the area with a sod/seed starter fertilizer according to the label directions.  A simple starter fertilizer which does not have a pre-emergent, (weed preventer) should be applied directly under the sod.  Do not incorporate the fertilizer into the soil.  

If your sod is installed before August 15th, you should apply, within 3 days of installation, a pre-emergent herbicide or a fertilizer with crabgrass preventer to control any crabgrass or foxtail from coming through the seams in the sod.  Most lawn and garden centers or hardware stores will handle these products.  Read and follow the label directions.  These types of fertilizers should be applied on top of the sod.

Does the sod have any kind of Guarantee?

Todd Valley Farms guarantees our sod to be healthy and free of weeds, disease and harmful pests at the time of delivery or installation.  If given proper care, it will grow and thrive.  If at anytime you have a concern about our sod, contact us immediately at 800-869-8544.

How much sod do I need?

If you have a newly constructed home there are different ways to find out your estimated square footage.  You can talk to your builder and they may be able to give you an estimate of how much you need.  If you have had a sprinkler system installed, you may also be able to get an estimated square footage from them.   Keep in mind that these would probably just be close estimates. You may want to measure yourself before you place the final order, so that you don't order too much or too little sod.


We sell our sod by the square foot.  Square footage is just length in feet multiplied by width in feet. Below is an example of how to figure the square footage of different shaped areas.

To Find the Area:

Section A:  multiply the length x the width

Section B:   multiply the length x the width of both square "B" and of square "I", then subtract the square footage of "I" from the square footage of square "B", to get the square footage of "B"

Section C:   add the two short sides opposite each other, then divide by 2 

add the two longer sides opposite each other, then divide by 2 , 

Multiply the two results to get the square footage of that area

Section D:   multiply the length x the width, then divide by 2

Section E through H:   multiply the length x the width

After finding the square feet of each section, add all the totals together to get a grand total amount of square feet for your yard.


Do I want my sod installed by professionals?

Today, most sod is installed by a sod contractor.  This is because most contractors have machines to install big rolls of sod that are 42 inches wide and up to 114 feet long.  This creates fewer seams and saves on the time needed for installation.

Many people simply do not have the time or the help to do their own installation.   Costs range from 5 to 10 cents per sq ft, depending on the size of the job.  If your yard has unusual circumstances that may take the installers longer or need extra labor, please let us know when you order your sod.   Examples of these circumstances: a steep slope, a stone pathway that the installers will need to cut the sod around, a narrow gate opening under 7 feet wide, any other reason that they may have to haul the sod in by hand, etc.   The installers may want to look at the project before they come to install your yard if you have any of these situations.


If you choose to install your own sod, it is easy to do with our slab rolls.  Your sod will be cut into 21 X 42 inch slabs, that are wrapped around one another in a roll by netting.  This is called a slab roll.  They are safe to get to your site with no fear of pieces of sod flying off your truck like traditional pallets of sod.  There is no pallet deposit and nothing to return to the farm.  On the average, one person can install 500 square feet of sod per hour.  A 10,000 sq ft yard would take about 20 man-hours to install; or 5 people working 4 hours.  Many people have a “sod party”, inviting friends to help install their sod and then have a party to celebrate the final lawn.  This is a good way of getting it accomplished, but weather can create problems if it rains on the day that you are going to install the sod.  We cannot harvest in wet conditions.  Just keep in mind that because of unpredictable weather your plans may change at the last minute.  And remember, Green Side Up!

Do I want to pick the sod up myself or have Todd Valley Farms deliver it?

This depends on how much sod you are getting and what kind of vehicle you have to haul the sod.  It is always better to make more than one trip or have the sod delivered than to ruin your vehicle or risk lives by overloading your vehicle or trailer.  Below is a list of the estimated amounts of sod you should be able to haul, but keep in mind that these are just estimates and your vehicle might be able to haul more or less.

One 6 sq ft slab of sod weighs approximately 25 to 30 lbs.

One 350 sq ft slab roll weighs approximately 1500 to 2000 lbs.

Trailers vary with their construction.  When it comes to hauling sod, some people overrate what their trailers can haul safely. IMPORTANT:  Safety is always a concern.  Do not overload your vehicle.  Doing so will make you a hazard on the road and could damage your vehicle.


If you haul your own sod you will probably unload it by hand and carry it by hand to where you need it.  This takes time.  With small amounts this is usually not a problem.  With larger amounts of sod, this gets tiresome and frustrating.  We have had customers who were planning to haul their own sod in a number of trips with their own vehicle and when they got home after the first trip they called us to deliver the rest of their sod for them.  Sometimes the delivery charge is just worth it!


If we deliver your sod, we bring a forklift, unload the sod and spot the sod rolls where you need them, as long as the area is accessible.  If the sod goes on a steep hill or you have a gate that the forklift cannot fit through, then the driver will get the sod as close to the bare dirt as they can.  The forklift is 8 feet wide and needs an opening at least 8 1/2 feet wide to allow it to get through.  Having the sod delivered and unloaded with the forklift will save you valuable time, allowing you to get the sod installed and watered sooner.

How big of an opening do I need in my gate for my sod to be delivered or installed?
Delivery Forklift Opening
The forklift that unloads the sod from the delivery truck is 8 feet wide and needs an opening at least 8 1/2 feet wide to allow it to get through.  If you do not have a gate opening that wide, the driver will unload the sod as close as possible to the area that needs the sod.  The driver will not drive over sidewalks or existing grass unless they are given permission by the homeowner.  If you would like the sod spotted in a certain spot at your jobsite, please specify it when you order the sod or let the driver know when he pulls up in the semi.
Installation Fence Opening
In order for the installers to install sod with their laying machine, they need a gate opening of at least 52 inches.  If your gate or opening in the fence is not 52 inches wide or wider, the sod will need to be hand carried into the yard and installed by hand.  There are extra charges for hand carrying and installation.  Please refer to our Sod Price List page for current pricing.

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